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Take Charge of Sleep

Take Charge of Sleep

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Upgrade your sleep and upgrade your life. Teach your mind to go into deep relaxation immediately using the tools and techniques in this audio.


So many people these days suffer from insomnia. Instead of popping a pill every night and feeling the groggy effects the next morning, why not program your subconscious mind to relax your body and your monkey mind? Part of the problem with not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep is that you cannot turn off your brain. This sleep hypnosis recording will allow you to relax deeply, quieten your mind, release anxieties, and program your mind to feel safe and secure.

Listen for 12 weeks or more, preferably with headphones. Afterward, you can use the tools you’ve learned to instantly relax your body and visualize your perfect life, health, wealth, and happiness! After 12 weeks, you can listen to it whenever you need a reboot.

Please note that along with the recording, there is an ebook that outlines how hypnosis works and how to get the most out of your hypnosis recording.

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This is a digital download, not a physical CD. After purchase, it will be available for download and stored on your account page.


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