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CBD With Ginger & Turmeric

CBD With Ginger & Turmeric

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Therapy 700

Our CBD with Ginger & Turmeric: Therapy 700 Tincture is formulated for maximum efficacy and is crafted and extracted with 100% all-natural materials.


The CBD with Ginger & Turmeric: Therapy 700 presents a powerful partnership between CBD, turmeric, and ginger. It is expertly crafted to help promote mental and physical relaxation, recovery, and overall wellness by working harmoniously with your body. Both ginger and turmeric are considered superfoods for their incredible therapeutic qualities.


Bottle Size: 1oz (30mL)
Potency: 700mg CBD per bottle
Potency Per Dropperful: 24mg per 1mL
Activation Time: 30 – 90 min
Third-Party Test Results: find all test results here


Cold-pressed grape seed oil, hemp extract (CBD), organic turmeric and ginger root


½ – 2 dropperfuls, 1 – 3x/day as needed. Take under the tongue for best results and hold for 30 seconds.


Earthy, bitter, herbal

This product has not been approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 79 reviews
    Eczema relief

    I have Eczema in my ear canals! Yes, super annoying. When I was going to ENT specialist they were giving me all these medications to put in my ears and nothing was helping. I started taking CBD 6 years ago for all the benefits but never thought it would help with my Eczema. As long as I take a full tincture everyday, I have zero problems with my ears. It has been amazing and life changing.

    Mellany Kitchens
    CBD w/Ginger and Turmeric

    I have been using this for several nights and it does enable me to rest well. I can tell you that FlowerChild CBD is the most trusted name in this business and one of the first to grow and harvest their own product. I know them personally and know them to be honest and trustworthy! By the way, your new website looks FABULOUS!

    Gilbert Carl

    CBD With Ginger & Turmeric

    Michael Burr
    CBD With Ginger and Turmeric

    I was asked to review my resent purchase but I’m unable to until I’ve used it for 30 days or more. What I can review is FlowerChild CBD, they are a very reliable business, very timely in shipping and easy to contact by phone or email.
    Their products are very competitive in pricing and of high quality,
    They support Veterans and offer a generous discount, I recommend FlowerChild to both friends and family.
    I’ll be back to review the CBD With Ginger and Turmeric next month.

    Margaret A Rains

    Have been using CBD for several years and have been very satisfied with your product.