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CBD Topical Salve 1000

CBD Topical Salve 1000

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Our CBD Topical Salve 1000 is formulated for maximum efficacy and is crafted and extracted with 100% all-natural materials.



This is our most concentrated CBD topical. Made with top-quality hemp extract and infused with certified organic herbs and essential oils, this a powerful addition to your daily routine. This balm is expertly crafted to help promote relaxation, recovery, and overall wellness by working harmoniously with your body. 


Bottle Size: 2oz or 1/2oz
Potency: ~1000mg CBD per 2oz jar, ~250mg CBD per 1/2oz jar
Potency Per Dropperful:
Activation Time: 0-2 hours
Third-Party Test Results: find all test results here


Cold-pressed grape seed oil, beeswax, hemp extract (CBD), comfrey, echinacea, plantain, rosemary, calendula, arnica, yarrow, lavender and wintergreen essential oils

*Please take note that the 1/2oz jar has a quarter as much CBD in it as the 2oz jar; they are the exact same formula, so in 2oz there is ~1000mg CBD, and in 1/2oz there is ~250mg CBD. Same recipe, different sizes.


Apply topically anywhere on the body for pain, inflammation, rashes, dryness, itchiness, accelerated healing, etc.


This product has not been approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 164 reviews
    Helpful Hemp

    I have been using this product for issues with my back and recommend it to others.

    Amy Z
    1000 Salve

    Just thank you! My work is super physical, 22,000 steps a day. I have two total hips and I am fused 7 levels on spine, with rods and cages. Awful painful arthritis and degenerative disease. I can not live without this salve. I just wish I could buy more than 2oz. The salve I use before work and before bed. A little goes a long way. Just grateful, beyond measure.

    Michael Burr
    Products test

    To soon for a complete review, I’m trying three different products on my feet (neuropathy) and have no conclusion yet.

    Penny Cichy

    Great for muscle soreness


    I am 72 years old and have been using this as a foot cream for several years. My feet never hurt and they are wonderfully soft considering that I take care of a 3-story house and 12 acres. It does not have a medicinal odor as many foot creams have. I can't speak to the medicinal value of CBD or how others use this, but this is a very nice and useful product and worth the price to me.